Am I or Are the Others Crazy?

Ladies and Gentlemen, and attack helicopters…. and mayonnaise…

Today I’m going to be walking you through a carnival fun house. Yes, the spooky kind with the weird mirrors and the coke bug carneys who touch you in the no-no place then give you cotton candy and tell you if you ever say anything about it they’ll kill your parents. That kind of carnival fun house.

We’re going to peer into one of those mirrors, step through the looking glass, follow the white rabbit where he leads us and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

At all times, ladies and gentlemen…. I want you to be exercising your rational mind. Things may go sideways, they may go wonky, they may even invert into an alternate reality the likes of which you have never before considered. You’ll learn things about the world you never noticed, you never realized.

Hold firm to your thinking minds, because I’m not interested in your feelings. I’m interested in your thoughts, your reason, your mind. On our little trip through the very real unreality of the land you call life, it is only your mind which can keep you anchored to that which is objective.

Let us begin.


Gentlemen, I’m going to be speaking to the ladies directly, you are welcome to put yourself in their position. I welcome and encourage you to do so, simply stated that for now: I am addressing the women, the female audience members. Our fairer sex. Don’t worry fellas, you just sit back scratch your balls, stretch your mind and pipe down for a little while, we’ll get to you soon.

Now ladies, I know that any subscriber of mine will likely be of above average IQ. This isn’t to stroke your ego, it’s just that many of my videos include verbiage, concepts, percepts and abstractions which ordinarily require a person of intellectual curiosity to understand or a very decent education. There is a standard deviation of IQ between those who’ve graduated college to those who never attended.

So it’s no boast or ego stroke to simply stipulate that most of you will be above plebeian IQ, education or no: otherwise much of my videos would be unassailable for you. They would not make sense. It would come out as “blah blah blah, Economics, blah blah blah, Im so smart with fancy words, blah blah blah.” My videos would simply not make sense to either the uneducated or people of low intelligence.

This being the case, ladies, I want to engage your rational mind. I’m not interested in what you feel, I’m interested in what you think. Many of you are very rational, many of you are very logical, most of you are very common sense oriented. If something seems off or awry, you tend to shy away from that topic, subject or situation: almost instinctively. Your unconscious mind has glimpsed something isn’t right, and you listen to that little voice which say “Nope”.

So I know you’re capable of making objective decisions. I know this for a fact. Thus, I’m going to propose a business arrangement and a corporate merger contract to you. I’m going to stipulate the terms of this merger, this co-op. This corporation. I want you to consider whether or not this seems like a good deal to be making.

Now, you are the owner of your corporation, your own business. You own 100% of your corporation. It is presented to you that you begin a trust with a business associate. Your corporation gets merged with his corporation. You take part of your assets, and he takes part of his assets and you agree to create a combined pool of resources from which to conduct your business in a single trust, both of you being the trustees.

However, under the contract presented to you, your associate retains the right to cancel the trust and back out of the co-op at any time of his choosing, for any reason of his choosing. More over, upon doing so – he becomes, by the terms and conditions of the contract, entitled to not only take half of the combined pool of resources, half of the trust. Regardless of whether or not he contributed anything compared to your contribution at the time of the merger, and regardless as to whether or not he contributed, through his own means, to the trust’s funds while the trust was in operation. Meaning, in spite of contributing little or even nothing to the trust itself, he is according to the terms and conditions set by the contract, entitled to at least half of the trust which was mainly fronted by you.

Beyond that even, not only is this trustee entitled to half of the trust regardless of his contribution to that shared pool of resources, but he becomes entitled to at least half of ALL your personal assets. Including those assets, resources and revenues you developed while operating as a private entity, previous to the merger.

Oh but it gets so much better. Under the terms and conditions of the contract, not only is this trustee entitled to half the trust’s pool of resources regardless of his contribution to same, and entitled to half of all your liquid assets which were developed, procured or attained even before the corporate merger even took place. Such as your car, your house, your personal and private bank account, your family heirlooms, any and or all land property included that which was willed to you by relatives: but this trustee retains the legal right to a portion of all of your future earnings. Even after the legal association with this trustee has ended and you are once again a private corporation.

Now, ladies: be honest –

1, Which of you is thinking “Golly gee willikers! This sounds like a fantastic contract, I’d jump at the opportunity to engage in that business venture!”.

2, Is it more likely you’re instead horrified and thinking “By all that is divine, who in the hell would ever agree to that? Is that even legal? Sounds like an extortion scam you get sent an e-mail about from a Nigerian Prince.”

3, How many of you caught on? There were certainly plenty of clues.


What I’ve just described is a detailed, objective analysis of the current state of marriage in the western world. I made no false equivocations and no exaggerations. What I did was parity the current state of affairs to an objectively viable scenario. One devoid of emotional entanglements or innate biases regarding the practice. I removed all of the emotionalism and baggage attached to the subject, so that it could be examined in an objective way.

The fact is, marriage today in western society is as described previously.

A man proposes to marry a woman. Where upon, she becomes legally entitled to half of all of his resources not just from then on, meaning what is acquired during the marriage, but also everything he managed to build, develop or acquire before becoming married. As a result of no fault divorce: the woman can pull a rip cord to attain half of all the man’s liquid assets like pulling the correct rope for cash and prizes on a game show. More over, she can sue for alimony: ensuring she get’s a share of all of his future earnings even after he is legally no longer associated with her nor legally responsible for her.

This is reality. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a member of Men Going Their Own Way. MGTOW (enunciated mig-tao) as it is called. Now, this is precisely why I wanted to examine marriage through the lens of an unreality, a distorted mirror image. I wanted to present to you, ladies, the prospect of marriage from a man’s perspective: without allowing for emotional entanglements to influence your view of the situation. So I fabricated a scenario which mirrored marriage today, in every way, but in an emotionally detached framing.

I am not one of those MGTOW’s who spends all his time trying to either investigate, examine or denounce female nature. I can tell you though, the vast majority of those guys: are the unlucky ones who got dragged through exactly the above business contract which you probably thought sounded a lot like legalized extortion of the most corrupt order. Being dragged behind a vehicle through a field of broken glass will do that to someone, so I would ask that you take pity on them if nothing else. They’ve been through quite an ordeal. Some of them more than once in fact.

I never went through the process myself. So I’m relatively unbruised and thus not damning of women. I am very critical, however, of the system of injustice described above. Thus, I simply choose not to participate in it, I know when the deck is stacked against me and do not wish to play a rigged game. It’s a logical and rational decision, just as above where I would wager most of your ladies asked why anyone would agree to sign the contract we were discussing. That’s exactly how I see the issue, that’s not a contract I would sign.


Now that I’ve opened the curtain, the carnival house side show is done for the day. Time to take a stark look at reality, rather than peering into unreality.

Marriage has become legalized extortion.

The Free Dictionary – Legal Dictionary: “Extortion

“The obtaining of property from another induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.”

Invalidation of prenuptial agreements + no fault divorce = seizure of liquid assets.

Marriage today, in America, is identical to the legal definition of extortion. It is “The obtaining of property from another induced”—”under color of official right.” The legal system has been manipulated to make marriage the legal definition of extortion. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. It is, by strict legal definition, extortion.

The Free Dictionary – Legal Dictionary: “Alimony

“Payment that a family court may order one person in a couple to make to the other person when that couple separates or divorces.”

The Free Dictionary – Legal Dictionary: “Involuntary Servitude

“Slavery; the condition of an individual who works for another individual against his or her will as a result of force, coercion, or imprisonment, regardless of whether the individual is paid for the labor.”

A family court may order a person to pay forth money, how is that money obtained? Work. A family court therefore may order a person to work for someone else, against their will, and failure to provide said work=money will result in penalty up to and including incarceration.

Alimony is Involuntary Servitude, which the anti-slavery clause in the US constitution, the 13th amendment, was supposed to abolish: but nevertheless slavery is alive and well in the United States.

13th Amendment of the Constitution

Section 1.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Almost 70% of divorces are filed by women and according to the US CENSUS 97% of alimony recipients are women. Women who turn the men they claimed to love – into slaves who are forced by the state to work for the “Masa” whom they displeased.


Furthermore, Alimony is a multi-billion (yes, that’s with a B, billion) dollar extortion scam which is almost exclusively reserved for women.

U.S. Treasury Department “TREASURY INSPECTOR GENERAL FOR TAX ADMINISTRATION Significant Discrepancies Exist Between Alimony Deductions Claimed by Payers and Income Reported by Recipients

According to this report by the treasury department, in the year 2010 alone there were $10 billion dollars in alimony tax write offs filed. $2.3 billion of this is untraceable, meaning a lot of people were cheating on their taxes by claiming more than what was paid, or claiming they paid that which they did not, and an unknown number of recipients who claimed they didn’t receive something which they -did-.Even, however, if you exclude the $2.3 billion unaccounted for, that still leaves $7.7 billion dollars if Alimony payments being claimed on taxes, all with unique individual and verified Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN).

Don’t forget: according to the last US Census, 97% of alimony recipients are women. So once again I say: Alimony is a multi-billion-dollar extortion scam which is almost exclusively reserved for women.

“Extortion: The obtaining of property from another induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.”

You PAY your alimony, or people with guns (law enforcement) will show up at your door, or place of employment, put you in handcuffs and throw you in jail – where anyone without noticeable gang affiliations has a high probability of getting raped.

The obtaining of property from another – Check
induced by wrongful use of:
–actual or threatened force – Check
–violence – Check
–Fear – Check
under color of official right – Check

Marriage has become not only extortion scam, as it is indefensibly identical to the definition of extortion, but it also creates examples of legalized slavery. What’s more: even if the woman is successful and extraordinarily wealthy (I.E. Janet Jackson): if a man has more than she has – she will still be permitted to legally commit extortion within a court of law. Or even reduce him to the status of a surf, an indentured servant, a slave.

Keep in mind, none of this goes into detail regarding the horrors of abuse, false allegations of abuse, or child custody. This has simply been an examination of raw reality regarding the nature of the institution of marriage having become a legalized extortion scam. Where men are literally, not figuratively, reduced to being slaves at women’s will. Their bidding then inflicted upon those men on their behalf by the state.

Ladies, do a google search for “where have all the good men gone“… looks at the hits… 393,000,000 results as of the writing of this. Women are beginning to marry themselves, or commit suicide because they can’t find a man to marry and have children with. Yet other women, who are past their prime, blame men for the fact that they’re single and childless. Always and in all circumstances it is men who are collectively held to blame for the fact that they don’t want to participate in that rigged institution exposed above as being an extortion scam.

Hannah Wallen, said it with incredible clarity in her article “You asked for it, ladies.

“No, this isn’t a post about rape. In fact, it’s about the opposite. It’s about walking away, maybe running away. Specifically, it’s about the right to run–specifically, men‘s right to decline to trust, to eschew focus on relationships, and to refuse to open themselves to women beyond anything but the most superficial levels of interaction.


Because the same folks who dismiss, or outright advocate for false accusers, the same folks who rail against due process for men in criminal and family court, who claim both moral superiority and their own right to turpitude with impunity, who push men around, knock them to the ground, step on them, and kick them when they’re down – those same folks have the screaming audacity to act shocked and appalled when men feel maligned, get fed up, pick themselves up, turn their backs, and walk away.

My opinion of your sniffing response at men who don’t want any part of you anymore is simple: Kwitcherbitchen, ladies. It’s your own damned fault. You have no business complaining.”


Race and IQ: the Long and the Short of It

If you want to claim that modern tests of intelligence cannot actually test intelligence – you’re basically a putz. However, just for the sake of argument – lets ignore verifiable, repeatable, reality…..Because you know, dropping an item multiple times onto the ground doesn’t suggest the existence of gravity…. I hope you can see how detrimentally stupid this position actually is with that above statement.

Let’s move past the multitude of studies on IQ, which took place on multiple continents across the educated and uneducated. Let’s ignore all of that…. Wipe it from your mind.

Let us go back to history.

Now, if Group Q is, on average, as intelligent as group P: than group Q should in fact technologically develop at the same rate as group P. Particularly if both groups have access to resources and are left isolated from each other for vast periods of time.

This all make sense, yes?

Well, when the British empire fought the Zulu wars: the Brits used cannons and personal firearms. They fought using weapons which included mass produced steal and chemically propelled projectiles. Wearing mass produced clothing to include chemically treated cured leathers and industrial mechanical loom produced cloth.

The Zulus, on the other hand. Went to war against the Brits with short spears, knives, clubs, cowhide shields and garments made only from animal hides. In fact, the Iron spear attributed to having been created by Shaka Zulu himself, a remarkably well designed melee weapon of which I personally am a fan of, was out classed, technologically, by the iron swords of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, circa 259 BCE – 210 BCE.

Examining the stone age subsistence of the Zulu Kingdom, they had no woven fabrics, no kiln hardened ceramics, no tool worked stone buildings, no machines involving levers or pulleys, no industrialized agriculture, no geometric mathematics, on and on and on. All of which Ancient Greece had by around 1,000 BCE.

In Example, There is evidence that ancient Greece engaged in industrialized agriculture, as an economic venture, as early as 7,000 BCE. Tool worked stone buildings such as the first Megaron home at Sesklo, in central Greece is dated to around 5,700 BCE. For the sake of good will, I am going to ignore the above individual technological developments, some of which would DOUBLE the technological gap described moving forward.

Were I to be far more acutely honest, I would tally up the technological achievements and place a mathematical average between them, which would drastically increase the tech-gap between the two. So moving forward, out of the goodness of my heart, because I’m such a nice guy: I will place the Zulu’s technology at the end of the Stone Age and the European’s at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, to minimize the technological gap as much as I can without being a blatant liar as to the disparity. Even this gap, minimizing it as I am, extends past simply being “charitable” toward the Sub Saharan Africans and into the realm of being “dishonest”.

Group P, the Brits, were engaged in the Industrial revolution.

Group Q, the Zulu’s, were firmly still inside the confines of the stone age.

The stone age, according to most timelines, as it sits now (subject to change), is recorded as being around 2,500 BC when it ended. The industrial revolution was between 1750 to 1900.

Group P: had technologically developed, in isolation from group Q, some 4,250 years beyond and in advance of group Q, if one accounts for the end of the stone age to the beginning of the industrial revolution: which, specifically minimizes the technological gap as much as possible, favoring Group Q as having as little gap as possible.

Group Q, the Zulu Nation: was the largest and most advanced Kingdom in Sub Saharan Africa at the time of the Zulu Wars.

So….. when it comes to “race realism” and “IQ is genetic” – it is not *MY* side of the issue which needs to be proven. You understand? The largest and most advanced kingdom in sub saharan africa was 4,250 years behind the technological development of the military force which they faced in the Zulu wars.

This is factual reality. Guns and cannons verses cowhide shields and short spears. This is factual reality.

It is actually upon the naysayers – to convince —-> ME <—- why, by what rationale, by what logic, by what deduction, by what reason: I should ignore factual reality. It is upon *your side* to provide this argument. It is not – only – studies – on – intellect: which you are dealing with.

So even if we completely ignore all studies on IQ, set them aside and pretend they don’t exist: how can group Q (Zulus – sub saharan africans) be as intelligent as group P (Brits – white europeans) when, in spite of both groups having access to natural resources and developing in isolation of each other, group P (Brits – white europeans) had technologically advanced beyond group Q (Zulus – sub saharan africans) by at least 4,250 years at the time of their conflict?

It is upon *your side* to provide this argument.

Let me put this in another light for you, so you can see things from my perspective.

Hypothetical situation.

Alien Species X from world G attained sentience at the same time as homo erectus on Earth. Species X from world G technologically develops 4,250 years past our greatest technological achievements here on earth. Species X from world G traverses space long distance, invades and conquers Earth using weapons and technology that is 4,250 years more advanced than our own weapons and technology.

Do we pretend that homo sapien sapiens are *AS* intelligent as Alien Species X when Alien Species X is no OLDER than homo sapien sapiens, but has technologically developed 4,250 years in advance of homo sapien sapiens?

That is how clearly I view the topic. From my perspective, it is that simple.

I’m not even alt-right: I’m a Capitalist Libertarian, the Alt-Right, to include the minority of actual nazi national socialists who self identify as alt right: are all on my political left.

I simply cannot evade factual reality: and I wish you wouldn’t, but you seem determined to do so.

From my perspective you all seem absurdly irrational: because none of this means anything. If Whites are, on average, smarter than blacks: so what? Asians are, on average, smarter than whites. Ashkenazi jews are, on average, smarter still.

So – what?

I support the establishment of a Rule of Law which provides complete equality before the law: equal rights, equal protections and equal punishments. That no one person is permitted to be infringed upon by any other person or group there of, which includes infringement by the State. A law in which civil liberties, personal liberties and human rights are sacrosanct.

Here’s the banner which adorns my twitter, minds and youtube pages.


A full throttle no holds bared statement that all people regardless of any identity of any kind should be treated equally under the law with no special treatment of any kind be it negative or positive.

No second class citizens, no special privileges, no special protections. Everyone treated equally before the law and their individual rights / civil liberties protected BY the law: against the malevolence of others or even against the state itself.

It doesn’t GET any more classical liberal than this. This is the essence of the greatest political and moral philosophers of western civilization boiled down into a single opus that the rights of the individual are sacrosanct and everyone within society should be protected or punished equally by the same code of law.

The above taken from my about page.

People are people regardless of their IQ and we should have a system of law which provides equal protections and punishments under that system of law. People should still have equal rights: no special protections, no special exemptions.

The argument in and of itself, from my perspective…

Means – precisely: dick.

From where I sit: I see one group arguing for the acceptance of factual reality, and the other group desperately attempting to evade reality.

Over a topic which is so ridiculously trivial as to be utterly inconsequential.

Aaahhhh – but see there. Do you see how inconsequential the issue is once I’ve laid it for you? So why then, is it such a fantastic spectacle? The inconsequentiality of the topic is the key to understanding why it’s made into a grand spectacle.

It is the leftist side of the argument that there is no such thing as objective truth, that which can be verified and proven, truth is white supremacy. “Pomona College Students Say There’s No Such Thing as Truth, ‘Truth’ Is a Tool of White Supremacy”
Original Link – Archived.


If that smacks of 1984 and makes your stomach sink, it’s with good reason.

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. His heart sank as he thought of the enormous power arrayed against him, the ease with which any Party intellectual would overthrow him in debate, the subtle arguments which he would not be able to understand, much less answer. And yet he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right. The obvious, the silly and the true had got to be defended. Truisms are true, hold on to that! The solid world exists, its laws do not change. Stones are hard, water is wet, objects unsupported fall towards the earth’s centre. With the feeling that he was speaking to O’Brien, and also that he was setting forth an important axiom, he wrote: Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

Orwell, George. 1984 (p. 81). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition.

It is the leftist side of the argument that meritocracy, is white supremacy.

Campus Reform “Prof claims microaggressions disprove notion of ‘meritocracy'”
Original LinkArchived


You think that’s a one off of one University skewing towards insanity? Think again.

Campus Reform “‘Meritocracy’ is a microaggression, university guidebook claims”
Original Link – Archived


You could respond to me “But those are both from campus Reform, that could simply be a biased source.

Very well…

Town Hall “College Professor: Believing in Hard Work is White Ideology”
Original Link – Archived

Yes Magazine “No, I Won’t Stop Saying “White Supremacy””
Original Link – Archived

The Atlantic: “Why the Myth of Meritocracy Hurts Kids of Color”
Original Link – Archived

The Independent UK: “Meritocracy is a myth”
Original Link – Archived

Media Diversified “Dismantling the Meritocracy Myth”
Original Link – Archived

And lastly, “Dispelling the Meritocracy Myth: Lessons for Higher Education and Student Affairs Educators”, a paper written by Lorriz Anne Alvarado. Available directly from the University of Vermont educational website at the following location PDF location.

“Dispelling the Meritocracy Myth: Lessons for Higher Education and Student Affairs Educators”
PDF Location found here.

It is the leftist position: that truth is white supremacy and that meritocracy is also a myth or a form of white supremacy. The leftist stated position and basic philosophical tenet is that all persons, regardless of race or gender, are essentially identical. No one person is naturally smarter than another, no person is naturally stronger than another, no person is naturally more creative than another, etc. etc.

All human bodies are identical and interchangeable. Therefore, claim the leftists, any possible distinction between them must be the result of some kind of oppression. Some form of prejudice which only need to be discovered so that it can be removed and then all persons regardless of race, religion or gender would be identical.

If there is some form of oppression and prejudice and supremacy to fight: the leftists can then advocate for hiring quotas, gender and race based discrimination.

Such as the various examples I have written and spoke about previously.

Some Animals are More Equal, again… again.

The Truth About Anti-Brexit Former High Court Judge

Some Animals Are Criminally More Equal

Some Animals Are More Equal

When Equality kicks You in the Taint

V-card Pass Strikes Again

On and on and on…

This is why Leftists argue against the existence of truth, against the concept of meritocracy and against the concept of there being any relation between race and IQ. If they cede these arguments, they will lose the ability to advocate for race, ethnic or sex based discrimination. This is also why the Alt-Right and others on the right: all argue in favor of the factual reality of racial, ethnic and gender differences.

In order to disarm the leftists and expose them for being racist, sexist, hypocrites who’s true motivations are giving alms and favors to this or that atomized, supposedly oppressed group, in exchange for partisan devotion and thereby positions of power and authority.

Examine the difference in effect.

Where a leftist would argue that humans are identical and interchangeable, they argue this in order to use this philosophical fallacy as a cudgel with which to brandish and demand that race and sex based discrimination be made legal.

For my part: I argue, as I did above….

“I support the establishment of a Rule of Law which provides complete equality before the law: equal rights, equal protections and equal punishments. That no one person is permitted to be infringed upon by any other person or group there of, which includes infringement by the State. A law in which civil liberties, personal liberties and human rights are sacrosanct.

No second class citizens, no special privileges, no special protections. Everyone treated equally before the law and their individual rights / civil liberties protected BY the law: against the malevolence of others or even against the state itself.”

My position, is exactly what the leftists do not want: my position is utterly antithetical to the leftists goals.

More over, the leftists are playing a con game with everyone in absolute all of those above denunciations of meritocracy. While the leftists are quick to point out that whites have a greater median income than blacks or Latinos – they never mention that Asians have a greater median income than whites. More over, Jews within the United States have the single highest median income of any racial of ethnic group.

I.E. Bernie Sanders, a Jewish “Democratic Socialist” himself, who is part of the “top 1%”.

CNBC “Bernie Sanders made more than $1 million last year—here’s how much it takes to be in the top 1%”
Original Link – Archived

It was after it was pointed out that Bernie himself was part of the top 1%, that he stopped saying in speeches and interviews “The top 1%” and instead began saying “The top 1/10th of 1%”. In case you were wondering, that’s why, just for future references.

For a Nation supposedly over flowing with white supremacy… The fact that Asians and Jews earn more than whites is ardently contradictory to the presupposed supposition that the USA is ever so thoroughly white supremacist, now isn’t it?

Let’s have a look see at the median income by race, shall we?

U.S. Census Bureau Income and Poverty in the United States: 2016 page 5.

PDF Location found here.

I notice something odd, Jews are conspicuously missing from the graph… oh well, we’ll just have to ignore that for now.

Asians $81,431
Whites $65,041
Hispanics $47,675
Blacks $39,490

Let’s compare that to IQ, hm?

Truth Justice dot Net “IQs of Races in the United States”
Original link – Archived

This publication shows the result of The IQ Studies, SAT scores, ACT scores, NAEP scores,  TIMMS and PISA scores for the past 35 years. The data breaks down as follows…

Asians 103.3 (103.26)
Whites 100 (100)
Hispanics 90 (89.75)
Blacks 85 (85.8)

Doesn’t that look familiar? Let’s do a screen cap comparing the two….

That’s right kids… the median income by race exactly matches the median IQ by race….

Now…. lets examine that one group which was suspiciously absent from both the census data and the IQ data….

BEFORE you jump to conclusions about alt-right neo nazi blah blah blah blame duh jews propaganda: I’m ONLY going to use information taken from pro-jewish publications. So you don’t GET the luxury of claiming that I’m using antisemitic propaganda.

Original Link – Archived

Jews are the highest-earning religious group in the United States, with 46 percent of the working population earning a six-digit figure every year, according to a study released this week. In terms of annual earnings, the only other group to even come close to the average Jewish income was the Hindus, with 43 percent earning over $100,000. No other group reached even the 30 percent mark, and the overall US average was only 18 percent earning six-figure digits annually. The study, conducted by the Pew Forum on Religious and Public Life, also showed that, after Hindus, the Jews were the second most educated religious group in the US.

Given that 46% of Jews make at least $100,000, that puts Jews at the absolute top earning bracket in median incomes. I’m going to label Jews as an estimated 100k because we have no detailed data on how FAR above 100,000 their incomes are, we only know that almost half of them make over $100k per year. Let’s add Jews to the previous cited racial median income line up, shall we?

Jews $100,000
Asians $81,431
Whites $65,041
Hispanics $47,675
Blacks $39,490

Next…. Jewish IQ….

Israel National News “Study: Ashkenazi Jews Smartest on Earth, Partly Due to Diseases”
Original Link – (Cannot be Archived) – Wayback Machine

While the average IQ of Europeans is 100, the average Jew of European descent earns an IQ score of 107.5 to 115, making an Ashkenazi Jew almost 6 times as likely to be a genius as a non-Jewish European. In a 2005 paper published by Cochran and Harpending entitled “Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence”, the pair notes “During the 20th century, [Jews] made up about 3% of the US population but won 27% of the US Nobel science prizes and 25% of the ACM Turing awards. They account for more than half of world chess champions.

Well now, again, another pro-jewish publication which cannot be claimed to be antisemitic propaganda.

So Jews are are not only the highest earning group in the United States, but also have the highest IQ in the united states. Let’s add Jews to the previous cited racial IQ line up, shall we?

Jews 107 (107-115)
Asians 103.3 (103.26)
Whites 100 (100)
Hispanics 90 (89.75)
Blacks 85 (85.8)

Let’s contrast and compare the new median income with median IQ, having entered the data provided by The Jerusalem Post and Israel National News: shall we?

That’s right kids. From Blacks to Jews: median income perfectly matches average group intelligence. Still think meritocracy is a myth? Or do you now understand why, for the leftists to be able to push their pro-discrimination agenda, they have to denounce the concept of meritocracy and exclaim that there are no differences between racial groups?

More over, while leftists will rail on and on about how much better whites are doing than blacks or Hispanics: they’ll neglect to mention Asians and Jews. You see, if Asians and Jews are out performing and out earning Whites: it shatters the claim that America is a nation over flowing with white supremacy.

There you have it kids. This is why the race IQ issue is turned into a grand spectacle. It’s because the leftists want to be able to assert their ideology, which is contrary to reality, in order to enact legalized discrimination in favor of “minority” or supposedly “oppressed” groups: in exchange for partisan devotion from said groups. That is what provides them with positions of political power.

In order to accomplish this: the leftists absolutely must decree that there is no such thing as truth, meritocracy is a myth, there are no racial differences and absolutely all discrepancies among groups are the result of white supremacy and white prejudice…. NEVERMIND the Asians or the Jews! Don’t look over there, don’t pay attention to them and don’t look behind that curtain!!

The Nature of Leftist Ignorance

This is an enormous topic, read through my personal website, observing for examples. Let’s just pick one… Islam.

The only way leftists can perpetuate slogans like “Islam is a religion of peace” or the absurdly laughable “Muslims are the true feminists” – I swear that’s a real claim they made, I’m not creative enough to think up some horse shit like that.

Anyway… The only way leftists can perpetuate slogans is that they are wholly ignorant of what is actually IN the Quran. Leftists, spoon fed propagandist indoctrination since grade school: believe what they are told if they are told by authority figures they are instructed to obey. So when they are told “Islam is a religion of peace” or “Islam is the most feminist religion“: they believe it.

If anyone actually cracks open a Quran and reads it – they find out something quite different. Which is why leftists don’t do that.

Leftists, are taught even at top level universities, by leading leftist academics… That there is no such thing as truth, that truth is unknowable and that they should rely on what they are told by experts, not because they can prove what they claim is true, because truth is unknowable, but they should rely on experts simply because they are experts.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m being hyperbolic? Think I’m making that up? Well buckle up buttercup, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

This is Dr. Harry Collins, who’s written 18 academic books, Director at Cardiff university, speaking at Memorial University during the Knowledge Institutions, Free Expression and Democracy in Canada symposium, in front of the Royal Society of Canada, media, civil society organizations and government.

Saying exactly what I just stipulated. I, in fact, quoted him verbatim regarding truth and experts.

The video’s pretty long, but the link on my website will take you to time code 26:27. Which is directly the part where I quoted him. So you need not watch the whole thing, just a minute or less.

And there you have it boys and girls, attack helicopters and mayonnaise. This is why if you attempt to interview or talk to and ask questions of leftists on the street at protests they can’t tell you which, or any, of Trump’s policies they disagree with. This is why Feminists continue to believe feminism is about equality, in spite of all the inequality which is supported by feminists. This is why Leftists are so profoundly ignorant about what’s actually in the Quran and what the Quranic teachings actually are.

In every conceivable realm of knowledge and actuality: if leftists are challenged, questioned or presented with factual information which is contrary to their narratives they appear to be astonishingly ignorant of reality.

Leftists accept what they are told by people they are instructed to obey. Thus, If they are told “Islam is a religion of peace”, then Islam is a religion of peace. If they are told “Islam is the most feminist religion”, then Islam is the most feminist religion. If they are told the openly Gay Jew Milo Yianopolis who’s married to a black man is a Nazi: then Milo’s a Nazi. If they are told the Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro, complete with yamaka perched atop his head is a Nazi, then Ben Shapiro’s a nazi.

Not because any of this is true, there is no objective truth, truth is unknowable, but because experts tell them it’s true.


Feminist “Studies” – How Ideology is Purported as Science

In this blog post on minds, I just exposed how a recent “study”, published by several leftist news media sites and also men’s health magazine, is a complete and utter fraud, and was **intentionally** designed as such. Didn’t take much investigation to do so, either, by the way.


It’s a typical bullshit feminist ideology confirmation ceremony. Meaning: the “study” was intentionally built to ensure that it resulted in confirmation bias in accordance with their ideological bias.

The BBC report on the study provides more detail.


“Lead researcher Alyssa Bischmann and her team asked the men, the vast majority of whom were heterosexual and white, when they first saw porn and whether it was intentional, accidental or forced.

They were then asked 46 questions which measured how they conformed to one of two behavioural traits – seeking power over women or sexually promiscuous behaviour and living a playboy lifestyle.”

:End Quote

The study was built, by design, from the onset, before signing up volunteers to poll, to categorize all answers into one of only 2 possible outcomes.

Either 1, porn influences men to be dominant over women.

or 2, porn influences men to be sexually promiscuous.

The only 2 possible assessments to the answers to the questions asked: were both sexist/negative outcomes.

No middle ground, no neutral position, no non-sexist or non-negative possibilities. All answers are negative outcome, porn is enjoyed by men therefore porn must be bad and therefore all influences of porn must be bad. This is how feminists in the field of psychology use ideological bias to create false studies to enforce confirmation bias.

They literally design “studies” to have negative outcomes, from the beginning.

-This “study” had only 330 participants.

-This “study” only surveyed men, and did not survey women as a control group in order to study whether or not similar personality traits developed among women.

-This “study” did not have a group of gay men to use as a control group in order to study whether or not similar personality traits developed among gay men.

-This “study”, by design, categorized absolutely all possible answers given into only two possible outcomes – both of which were negative outcomes.

-This “study” did not ask how often these men viewed porn such as to separate habitual porn watchers verse those who rarely view pornography.

-This “study” not ask what kind of porn these men viewed, such as to separate the men who **supposedly** think they should dominate women in spite of the fact that their favorite type of porn is femdom.

-This “study” did not ask what these men’s earliest sexual EXPERIENCES were, in order to determine if viewing pornography had a bigger impact on sexuality than their earliest sexual experiences.

This “study” used a small sample size, with a pre-ordained set of only 2 possible outcomes, both of which were negative, and used neither women nor gay men as a control group to determine if the personality traits exposed by the questions given were unique to straight men or were in fact universal to those personality traits exhibited by women or gay men. Made no attempt to separate habitual from occasional porn viewers. Made no attempt to determine the type and or variety of the porn viewed. Made no attempt to determine if childhood sexual experiences played a bigger role on sexual development than the viewing of pornography.

This “study” like so many other feminist “studies”, was nothing but an exercise in ideologically driven confirmation bias by means of deception and obfuscation. Intentionally assigning and classifying outcomes for the purpose of producing propaganda.

Fighting the Culture War: Not For the Faint of Heart or Weak of Stomach

So I shared the following post across my minds account.


Now, unfortunately elite daily apparently doesn’t like archive: so archive was unable to archive it. Gee, wonder why. So I went to the wayback machine and provided a shortlink for the search results where the webpage is saved in the wayback machine. More than one way to skin a cat, as they say.

However, I got a comment and it began a discussion which I thought may be of some importance or consequence for others to see.

“Please don’t share this kind of stuff.”

I responded as follows:
“Gotta keep tabs on what the degenerates are up to.

File it away in the back of your mind, save it on your hard drive someplace for future use, then throw it in the face of a leftist who tries to propagandize about how leftists aren’t degenerates.

It’s future ammunition, never throw away good ammunition.

Do you have any idea how many things like this I have to try and stomach collecting in my brain for the purpose of exposing leftists?

This is NOTHING compared to what I’ve had to dig up and deal with previously. So quit squirming and nut up: there’s a culture war to wage.”

“No I’m not filing this any where I’m trying to forget it as quick as possible.”

To which I responded:
“Pft, wuss. You should see the kind of sickening shit I’ve collected on leftists. Look at this info graphic: this includes first hand interviews with feminists, like Germaine Greer who spoke about boys “having semen that runs like tap water”, on a live show, while DEFENDING her book of pedophilia which contained almost nothing other than images of young boys in various states of nudity.”

And shared the image you see here.


I then added in my next comment:
“If you want to fight the culture war against these fiends: you better straighten your back, harden your skin and galvanize your stomach.

Otherwise you’re not going to be able to deal with these creatures or the unimaginable depravity they’re capable of.”

What followed was a barrage of posts from me in that minds thread with all of the following images.


The following images may be very disturbing.

Including depravity, degeneracy, vulgarity and violence that even non-snowflakes may find “triggering”, sickening or beyond their ability to view without becoming psychologically effected negatively.


To better view any image, click on the image itself. It will open up a new tab where that image is posted on imgur in order to be better able to see and read the details of each image.











feminism_don't havekids2




I followed by telling this person:
“Peruse through. These are just a few examples of the ammunition I’d got stored away.

You can join the culture war: or you can allow those inhuman cretins to win, but if you’re gonna fight – be prepared to find out exactly what the nature of the enemy is.

It’s not pleasant, it’s not pretty.”

So there you have boys, girls, attack helicopters and those who sexually identify as mayonnaise. Waging the culture war can be very trying. Especially if you’re going to, as I do, search through all those dark spaces and spend a concerted effort digging for information.

Think it’s pleasant to read radfem’s chit chatting about what kind of crimes against humanity they want to be permitted to commit against male children who are innocent of any crime? No, it is not.

Think it’s pleasant to read and catalog detailed information detailing feminists who advocate in favor of decriminalizing pedophilia or reading the explicit comments they make regarding the sexual recharge time of young boys? No, it is not.

This is my enemy, I must know my enemy in order to defeat my enemy: and my best means of defeating my enemy is by exposing the repugnant, disgusting and often criminal nature of my enemy.

This is the culture war, if you want to take part in it: follow the advice I gave above.

“If you want to fight the culture war against these fiends: you better straighten your back, harden your skin and galvanize your stomach.

Otherwise you’re not going to be able to deal with these creatures or the unimaginable depravity they’re capable of.”

“You like me, you really like me!”

Oh – holy – shit.

So I popped onto my little corner of the net here and was trying like hell to find a way to better organize how my posts are organized over on the left. the recent posts works ok, but having that Month box is annoying. If I want to find a particular post for the purpose of shearing it on social media when a topic comes up which I have written about: I have to search by month then scroll down.

It would be super awesome fantastic if, instead of a thousand and one tutorials about how to organize by category, I could instead just have a simple interface of year – month, click, drop down listing every post that month. You know, like folders and files have worked since…. well since graphical user interfaces were invented….

Low and behold I see …. this:


Who are all you people and where did you come from!?

Well shit…  so apparently I now owe people some content on a more regular basis…

Alrighty then, there is one thing I’ve been meaning to get around to, may as well do it now. I may even turn this into a static home page so that people who pop onto don’t have their phone suddenly explode as it attempts to load every post I’ve ever made simultaneously. We all know how those Note 7’s are these days, I wouldn’t want to become liable.

Some of this will be posted from other pages, because I’ve already provided some necessary information on myself and my Ideological / Political background. Including providing examples of actual arguments I’ve been in with my opposition across social media. This page will simply serve as an introduction of sorts. This way people who happen stance across my website will see this and decide for themselves if I seem like the type of person they want to follow.

I’m perfectly fine allowing the free market to decide. Each person is free to like, share, subscribe or denounce, ignore and block me as they have will to do so.

I am the Observing Libertarian. I’ve been guest featured by Janet “Judgy Bitch” Bloomfield, have a sizable number of articles posted by the Honey Badger Brigade, I’m on TwitterMinds and YouTube.

Am I an MRA? No, I’m Libertarian.
Am I a white identitarian? No, I’m Libertarian.
Am I AltRight? No, the Alt Right is further to the Left than I am, I’m Libertarian.
Am I a White Supremacist? No, Supremacists are authoritarians, I’m Libertarian.
Am I Liberal? Yes and no depending on the topic because I’m Libertarian.

So what gives with all the pro-white and pro-men’s rights material?


On both cases I’m speaking in opposition of political parties, sects and factions which advocate for establishing two tiered legal systems in which some classes of people ascend to being first class citizens and other classes of people descend into being second class citizens.

That’s the end of it.

Why do I oppose group Q and support group P?
Group P isn’t advocating to be given superior rights to group Q, group Q is.

It is that simple. I am only tangentially involved. I am not part of any of these movements or groups, I am an outsider lending my voice to the chorus in favor of or opposition to their actions based upon whether or not they are advocating for being given equal rights to those of others or superior rights to those of others.

If we are to be pedantic on the topic:

  • By supporting men’s rights am I a Men’s Rights Advocate? Yes.
  • By supporting women’s rights am I a Women’s Rights Advocate? Yes.
  • By supporting gay rights am I a Gay Rights Advocate? Yes.
  • By supporting trans rights am I a Trans Rights Advocate? Yes.
  • By the dictionary definition of feminism am I a Feminist? Yes.

In practical reality however: I’m just a Libertarian.

I support the establishment of a Rule of Law which provides complete equality before the law: equal rights, equal protections and equal punishments. That no one person is permitted to be infringed upon by any other person or group there of, which includes infringement by the State. A law in which civil liberties, personal liberties and human rights are sacrosanct.

Here’s the banner which adorns my twitter, minds and youtube pages.


A full throttle no holds bared statement that all people regardless of any identity of any kind should be treated equally under the law with no special treatment of any kind be it negative or positive.

No second class citizens, no special privileges, no special protections. Everyone treated equally before the law and their individual rights / civil liberties protected BY the law: against the malevolence of others or even against the state itself.

It doesn’t GET any more classical liberal than this. This is the essence of the greatest political and moral philosophers of western civilization boiled down into a single opus that the rights of the individual are sacrosanct and everyone within society should be protected or punished equally by the same code of law.

In spite of the above example of my personal classical liberal ideology: when I take a spekr test: I’m almost as far right and south as it is possible to be.


So you see, in spite of being a dyed in the wool classical liberal, a constitutionalist and thereby quantitatively a centrist by definition and nature of the fact that I’m a constitutionalist: I plot on the political landscape as far right wing libertarian. How far right wing? Just look at that spekr result: which is mirrored by a host of other similar tests I’ve taken by the way.


That above image was screen capped from a political test I took some 10 years ago or so. I can tell you my political views haven’t changed. In anything: having expanded my library of western philosophers has only further convinced me that the premises upon which I was operating were correct if previously less refined. I have never considered myself left, on the left or a leftist. If the Constitution is held as the center (as it should be), then I’ve always considered myself to be a centrist. yet in the 10 year gap between those two political tests: I think my position relative to the rest of the political landscape has only gone further right.

Here’s the thing…

It’s not that I am moving to the right: it’s that the political landscape under me is moving continually left.

The political landscape has moved under my feet and there’s many many people who always considered themselves to be left leaning yet find themselves agreeing with conservatives in this day and age. Arguing against censorship, against authoritarian rule, against double standard laws. They often remark about how they feel abandoned by the left and begin describing themselves as “classical liberals.” Which, by the way, is exactly how that term came about.

People who didn’t follow suit with the “new left” and the “progressives” on their march ever onward left towards totalitarianism. People like me who adhere to classical liberal principles and philosophical ideas and find that they cannot agree with the left’s constant attempts at enacting illiberal or anti-liberal laws.


There’s a growing sentiment that conservatism is now the new punk because defending personal freedoms has become the counter culture against the double standard laws being proposed and supported by the identity grievance politics of the new left.

In spite of being in the vaunted “99%” and working full time while earning a lower class income, yes a genuine Poletarian unlike the rich kids on college campuses calling people “bourgeoisie” while wearing $400 shoes and snap-chatting it on their latest generation iPhone: I am thoroughly anti-communist and pro-freedom.

So why do I speak against so many of those movements? I speak against them when they produce propaganda and lobby for superior rights to others. When they stop doing that: I’ll stop speaking against them. They create a lot of rationalizations, fraudulent faux research, biased studies which are easily disproved. This is why I created the logical fallacy “Ad Minus Aequius”.


What I advocate against: is all those who advocate for special privileges, special protections, special exemptions, preferential treatment and two tier legal systems which promote some groups to being first class citizens and other groups to being second class citizens.

Those people, persons, groups and organizations who DO advocate for special privileges, special protections, special exemptions, preferential treatment and two tier legal systems which promote some groups to being first class citizens and other groups to being second class citizens: are anti-freedom and anti-equality.

No matter how they define themselves or what they define themselves as, even if they claim to be Feminists and the dictionary definition of feminism is all about equality: the dictionary definition of “an advocate of the supremacy of a particular group, especially one determined by race or sex” is a “supremacist.


If you’re advocating for or lobbying for superior rights to be given to a group or groups OVER THAT of another group or groups: you are categorically, unabashedly and undeniably, by definition, a supremacist.

It’s a simple concept really and it goes utterly unnoticed.



“White Crime”…but Who’s “White” ?


I was responding on minds to an article posted by infowars. There’s essentially nothing wrong with the article itself, that I know of. Full disclosure: I didn’t bother to read it. I was already aware from my own research that criminality committed by blacks is as Colin Flaherty puts it “wildly out of proportion.”

I personally conducted a 10 year study using the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports in order to debunk Black Lives Matter’s claims about whites killing blacks. Not only did I find that IN SPITE of the fact whites out number blacks 4.63 to 1: blacks kill whites 2.28 times more often than whites kill blacks: but “imagine my shock“, whites are killed by blacks in America more often than US soldiers, of any race, are killed by enemy combatants in the war in Iraq. Regardless of the fact that the 10 year period included the heaviest years of fighting with the highest casualty rates for the whole war.


Yet even these numbers are wrong… depending upon who you consider to be “White”. With some cursory level of investigation, you can easily find out that what the FBI records as white crimes: come from people you wouldn’t consider white.


Guess what, that guy? Yeah, his act of Islamic terrorism was also written down and recorded by the FBI as a white hate crime because the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report records crimes committed by middle easterners as “white.”

Pakistanis, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Iranians, Kuwaitis, Iraqis, Egyptians, Libyans, Georgians, Turks, Saudis, Algerians, Moroccans: you name it. If they’re in the United States and they commit any crime at all, it’ll be recorded as a crime committed by a white person. It goes into the “white” racial category of the Uniform Crime Reports.

Don’t believe me?
That’s too far fetched?
What kind of Alex Jonesian conspiracy am I weaving here?
Tin foil hattery?


Oh ye of little faith. Do I ever make claims without backing up what I say? If you’re new to my articles I forgive you, if this isn’t the first one you’ve read then shame on you. You should know me better than that.

Allow me to take you on a tour of the FBI’s website – step by step, no tricks. You can follow the guide in one tab and complete the tasks at will in another.

First we start by going to the FBI’s official Uniform Crime Report webpage.


Now, look just down there where it says Documentation.


Click on “User Manuals”.


These are the field manuals which provide instructions on how to use the reporting system which field agencies (police stations, sheriffs offices, and all other federal law enforcement agencies) apply when reporting those crimes to the FBI for documentation in the yearly Uniform Crime Report.


Once here, scroll down to the last manual.


Here it is, SRS User manual. Click on that to bring up the PDF.


Ok, we are now zeroing in on our target. The digital tour is almost complete.


Once you get to the top page of the PD, Scroll down to page 7.


Here we are… now what’s that?


Aha, there it is. That’s what we’re looking for. Racial designations, page 139.


Down we go.


There you have it boys and girls and attack helicopters and mayonnaise. The FBI’s Uniform crime report records crimes committed by Middle Easterners and North Africans as being committed by white people. However – we’re not done quite just yet, kids. There’s still yet more to show.

Let’s take a trip back to the Uniform Crime Report, because I have something else to show you. Here we have the arrests listed by race for the 2016 Uniform Crime report.

At this point you must be thinking “Wait, holy hell tell me there isn’t yet more buffoonery involved? How many extra non-whites are included in the crime numbers of white people?!”

To which I respond…. an unknown number of Latinos, from Mexico or anywhere else in South America, to include illegal immigrants: are also included in the numbers of crimes blames on “white people”.

If your response was “wait, WHAT?!” – allow me to demonstrate, just as I did above.


Scroll down just a short distance and you’ll see the following.


Ok…. Whites are the majority of the country, this all looks normal. What horrible nonsense are you going to show me in this?

See the edge of the graph? It’s not displaying the graph to fit in window: and that edge isn’t where I cropped the image. You have to manually scroll over to see the rest of the graph on the right side.


What the…. wait: what’s this? Why is this listed as “ethnic”? Why isn’t Hispanic listed in Race over with whites, blacks, etc. ? What’s the difference between Hispanic or Non Hispanic? What is going on here?


Calm down, I’ll explain. See that little 2 which looks like it’s telling you to take Total to the power of 2? Yeah – that’s a special indicator for the graph and it’s data.


To find out what that indicator means: we have to scroll to the bottom.


Oh look, there’s the scroll bar so conveniently placed at the very bottom. Great website design, FBI, good enough for government work I suppose.


Now what’s that say next to the #2 designation?

  • The ethnicity totals are representative of those agencies that provided ethnicity breakdowns. Not all agencies provide ethnicity data; therefore, the race and ethnicity totals will not equal.

That’s right kids: an unknown and unspecified number of police agencies, in the 13,049 agencies agencies which report to the FBI – do not record the Ethnicity of Latinos. They simply classify them, for the FBI Uniform Crime Report, as being White.

So white people, what most consider a “white person” to be, meaning White Caucasians of European Descent: are blamed, on paper, for crimes committed by Middle Easterners, North Africans and Latino’s from Mexico or anywhere in South America – including those who are here illegally.

The official tally for crimes committed by white people: include the crimes committed by people who no one would confuse as being white. This is how the crimes of “whites” are artificially inflated.

Want more proof? Back to the FBI we go. To the top 10 most wanted list, Robin.


Now, this is the current top 10 most wanted list, 10-10-2017, I archived it because I have no idea how often the FBI updates this. . We have 3 men of Europeans descent, meaning: whites. Jason, William and Robert. We have 5 Latinos, 2 of whom are confirmed in custody. Santiago, Eduardo, Alexis, Luis and Walter. There are 2 fellows on here who are of middle eastern descent.

The FBI records all 9/10 of these as being “white”…. Still doubt me, after that the virtual tour I took you on?

Left to right here we go.

Santiago, Race: White (Hispanic).
Eduardo. Race: White (Hispanic).
Alexis. Race: White (Hispanic).
Yasser. Race: White.
Bhadreshkumar. No race Listed.
Luis. Race: White (Hispanic).
Walter. Race: White (Hispanic).

So on the current FBI’s top ten most wanted list: there’s 3 actual white people, 1 Egyptian, 5 Latinos and 1 Indian who is recorded without a race. Indians are apparently raceless. The FBI can’t decide if these should be counted as white people for being middle Easterners or Asian.

Regardless, the FBIs top ten list, currently has 9/10 people listed as white.

-When I shove the absolute irrefutable proof directly in your face and say “See this, right here, with the giant red arrows pointing to it?”
-Directly from the FBI on their official website where they present all of the proof.
-Then I give you a detailed step by step digital tour showing you exactly where the information can be found.

Am I still a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist?

The official tally for crimes committed by white people: include the crimes committed by people who no one would confuse as being white. This is how the crimes of “whites” are artificially inflated.

What’s really a hoot…. Now that you know “white people” include actual whites, Middle Easterners, North Africans and an unknown quantity of Latinos from Mexico and South America, including illegal aliens…. That makes the “White” v Black murders even worse doesn’t it?


If “Whites” isn’t just what the US CENSUS considers to be white, but a large number of Hispanics, Middle Easterners and North Africans: it means the “white” category of non-negligent manslaughter is actually an even larger volume of people. That means Blacks kill the associated grouping of who is recorded as “white” 2.28 times more over than the reverse: but the cluster of people who are recorded as being “white” out numbers blacks by an even larger sum than 4.63 to 1.

Which means Black criminality / Black violence is even worse than the data I presented.

It means Black people kill Whites, Latinos, Middle Easterners and North Africans 2.28 times more often than anyone from any of these groups kill a Black person.

Remember that the next time some liberal trash is throwing headlines at you like:

Vox White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners
CNN How America has silently accepted the rage of white men
Salon America’s white man problem: After Las Vegas, a familiar script unfolds
The Intercept The White Privilege of the “Lone Wolf” Shooter

Whenever you see any of these headlines, I want you to keep one thing in mind….

In spite of the fact that the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report includes Whites, Latinos, Middle Easterners and North Africans as all being “white”, in 2016 this conglomerate group who are recorded as being “white” were responsible for 4,192 Murders and cases of nonnegligent manslaughter. Blacks were responsible for 4,935 Murders and cases of nonnegligent manslaughter.

So with all the hyperbole, the vacuous statements, the false equivocations, the manipulated information and the manufactured propaganda made by feminists, SJWs and Neoliberals about “white man” this and “white men” that…

US CENSUS Population Estimates July 1st, 2016

13.3% of the population is responsible for more murders and nonnegligent manslaughter than 76.9% of the population, and that 13.3% of the population…. isn’t white men, it’s not even white people.

A difference of 743. It would take “whites” (the conglomerate group) to perform over a dozen Las Vegas style massacres to accumulate the body count created by blacks, who are just 13.3 of the population.

In fact, if you take a harsh look at the FBI 2017 Uniform Crime Report, and add up the numbers… Blacks in America, per year, commit more murders and nonnegligent manslaughter than Whites, North Africans, Middle Easterners, Asians, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders COMBINED. That’s not per capita: that’s total volume.

Provided for you here with this handy dandy meme. Share it as you will if you would care to do so.


Tell the liberals to print out this article, wrap it around a dildo, stick it up their ass and spin on it.