Non-Theoretical Conspiracy

For future references: “Cultural Marxism” isn’t much of a conspiracy theory. It’s not as if the Frankfurt school can’t be verified to exist: it can.

-It is not in dispute who started the Frankfurt school:

Antonio Gramsci
Georg Lukács
Felix Weil

-It is not in dispute who the Frankfurt school’s most prominent academics were.

Herbert Marcuse
Theodor Adorno
Max Horkheimer
Walter Benjamin
Erich Fromm
Friedrich Pollock
Leo Löwenthal
Jürgen Habermas
Alfred Schmidt
Axel Honneth
Siegfried Kracauer
Otto Kirchheimer

-It is not in dispute what books were produced and spread by these academics.

Traditional and Critical Theory
Reason and Revolution
The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Eclipse of Reason
Escape from Freedom
Minima Moralia
Eros and Civilization
One-Dimensional Man
Negative Dialectics
The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere
The Theory of Communicative Action
Dialectic of Enlightenment

Ordinarily the term “conspiracy theory” refers to something you cannot prove and have no verifiable evidence of. In the case of Cultural Marxism: the facts of the issue are not disputed.

Leftist’s would like to exclaim that “cultural marxism” is a conspiracy theory: but actually it’s a pejorative, which is accurate, and leftists don’t like it. If you examine, for yourself – I invite you to, to examine SJW and Feminist ideologues, the people who write “Feminist theory” – you’ll find the same term come up quite a bit. “Critical Theory”, which was created by Max Horkheimer, one of the previous directors of the Institute for Social Research. Later added to by other academics of the Frankfurt school.

All of these culture warriors follow the doctrines and baseline ideology of the academics of a marxist think tank originally named “Institute for Social Research” which later became known as the “Frankfurt School” when they left germany and settled down in Colombia University. Critical theory, which is the doctrinal ideological background of the social justice warriors and culture warriors today, was quite literally created by marxist academics.

This is where you get the Feminist / SJW world view of society being one giant inter-sectional stack of varying forms of oppression.

When you can pick out a Feminist academic and go to her own course structure, look at her class description and point to the screen “critical theory” – it’s not a “conspiracy theory”. When that feminists own description of her course description specifically stipulates that she teaches a marxist oppression model conceptualization of society: it’s not a “conspiracy theory.” the act of referring to “cultural marxism” is simply an exorcise in asserting “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Again: I invite you to do your own research. yet, just as an experiment… just for funzies….

Let’s look at the top 10 universities.

Ok, #1 is Princeton…. let’s look at Princeton.

Now looking at “Gender and Sexuality Studies“, we see that “Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies”, “Transgender Theory”, “Queer Theory”, and “Contemporary Theories of Gender and Sexuality” are all taught by Professor Gayle Salamon…

And also on Princeton’s official website….

Introduction to Critical Theory” is also taught by…. surprise… Professor Gayle Salamon…

Now…. when I can simply point to real life – verifiable – objective – reality: and point out “Critical Theory” was created by Marxist theorist Max Horkheimer who was director of the Institute for Social Research, and then I can point out that the same professor at the US’s #1 top ranked university, not only teaches “Introduction to Critical Theory” BUT ALSO teaches “Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies”, “Transgender Theory”, “Queer Theory”, and “Contemporary Theories of Gender and Sexuality”….

Is this a conspiracy theory: or an unavoidable observation to anyone willing to look?

That’s why leftists like to claim “Cultural Marxism” is a conspiracy theory, they want to discredit the concept in order that people do not bother to look: because the evidence is so easily found if one does.

I just proved “Cultural Marxism” is the driving force behind SJW ideology by simply picking a university, looking at the feminist professor who teaches their gender studies class and pointing out that she also teaches critical theory, which was created and developed by academics of the Frankfurt school.

That’s how easy it is to find the necessary evidence. I simply googled “top 10 universities

Saw that the #1 ranked school was Princeton, looked there, did a google search for “critical theory“.

Bob’s your uncle: looky looky looky – the same professor who teaches introduction to Princeton’s gender studies program, also teaches introduction to critical theory.

[sarcasm mode activate] Yeah that was horribly difficult. It took a lot out of me, I think I had to type a whole 100 individual letters, click my mouse maybe 5 times. truly an exhaustive investigation. I feel winded now, probably dehydrated too, maybe I should grab a gatorade. [sarcasm mode deactivate]

3088753134_30798fdb63_2Yep… “pay no attention to the marxist behind the curtain.”

Ideology < Reality

Here’s the thing with the “It wasn’t real Communism” claim…

If you engineer a car, and every single attempt to manufacture that car becomes a flaming wreck shortly after it is built…. In spite of how much effort, planning or how carefully manufactured that car was….. It is not due to faulty manufacturing that the car goes up in flames: it’s due to inherent flaws in the design itself.

Communism…. is a Pontiac Fiero. It does not matter how many times you attempt to manufacture it, or how well it’s manufactured: it is a flawed design. It was engineered poorly with severe inherent flaws in the design.

Einstein’s definition of insanity was “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

it’s a simple concept right?

If I have a mathematical equation where by I calculate that X will occur in Y event under Z conditions.

If X does not occur: it is not reality which is wrong – it is my mathematical equation which fails to accurately predict reality, therefore; my equation is wrong.

If I attempt to institute this equation a multitude of times: and X absolutely never occurs in Y event under Z conditions. I have thus ruled out the possibility of a statistical anomaly.

If your ideology predicts X and reality absolutely always produces Q instead: it is not reality which is wrong.

In any conflict between ideology and reality: reality wins.